Monatsbuch 07/22

Im Wasser sind wir schwerelos

von Tomasz Jedrowski | übersetzt von Brigitte Jakobeit

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Ein Sommer. Eine Liebe. Ein unvergesslicher Roman über das, was zählt. Über den letzten Sommer der Jugend. Über Liebe und Verlust. Und über die Opfer, die wir bringen, um aufrecht durchs Leben zu gehen.

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Lieblingsfigur: Ludwik


Antworten von Tomasz Jedrowski auf unsere Fragen

Was glauben Sie macht Ludvik, als es 1990 wieder möglich wäre nach Polen einzureisen? / What do you think Ludvik would do when it would be possible to enter Poland again in 1990?

Wow, I’ve never thought about that – what a far-sighted question! I cannot begin to imagine. What do you think?

Warum schreiben Sie auf Englisch? / Why do you write in English?

I left Germany at 16 for the UK, where I began to study literature in a serious way. By the time I sat down to write, I’d been reading and writing almost exclusively in English for over a decade. It felt very natural. Even now, answering these questions, I had the choice between German and English, and I could do both, but doing them in German would take me more time and I think I prefer who I am in English (in German I’m still, largely, 16 and and insecure).

Was hat sich nach der Veröffentlichung Ihres Romans für Sie geändert? / What has changed for you after the publication of your novel?

Another great question I hadn’t really given thought to. I guess that I sometimes feel more self-aware when I’m writing, and then I worry about people’s expectations, whereas before I worried that no one would publish it/read it. So new worries, I guess? But also good things. I get to meet and connect with people I otherwise wouldn’t have and also, in a small way, live my dream of being a writer whose work is read (no matter how much or little – it’s miraculous. THANK YOU).

Können Sie schon etwas über Ihr nächstes Buchprojekt sagen? / Can you already tell us something about your next book project?

Only that it’s very different to Swimming! It is quite shocking and mind-boggling, even to me.

Planen Sie eine Fortsetzung von 'Im Wasser sind wir schwerelos'? / Are you planning a sequel to 'Swimming in the dark'?

The idea makes me anxious, to be honest. I loved writing those characters, I certainly needed to write them in order to heal myself, but I would not want to return to their turmoil. At least not for a very long time.

Haben Sie Buchtipps für uns als Buchclub? / Do you have book recommendations for us as a book club?

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